Survey Solutions

Survey Solutions:

Use Survey Solutions online engagement surveys to gather honest, confidential* feedback from your employees. When your entire team aligns around the hospital’s mission and goals, productivity, quality and patient experience will benefit.  Our surveys include:

  • hands-on, consultative approach to capturing employee feedback
  • data identifies problems and ways to resolve them
  • identify how your employees view leadership and communication, the work environment, their overall satisfaction
  • fast turnaround – most surveys are completed in 60 days

*Survey responses may be kept completely anonymous allowing for greater participation.

The Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network (ICAHN)is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation established in 2003 for the purposes of sharing resources, education, promoting efficiency and best practice and improving health care services for member critical access hospitals and their rural communities. For more information about ICAHN, click here.

As a former CEO of a Critical Access Hospital, Lance Keilers, ICAHN’s experienced consultant,specializes in critical access hospital operations, hospital administration, physician practice management, and rural health clinics, and served as administrator of a critical access hospital for many years. His strong rural healthcare background will offer a unique and valuable perspective to your survey process and outcomes.

A Resource to Promote Effective Employee Engagement

For more information, please contact Lance Keilers at:

Phone: 816.272.5300